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All Said and Done

Now that it’s all said and done, there’s nothing but silence, no more worried anger sadness. There’s nothing but a sign of relief, reflected that all that’s on your mind is out, out to be solved to be listened out so you are free, and full of clarity. 10/18/08

I Guess It’s Time

Never thought that this could be happening to you and me; but I guess that just about anything is possible now that you’re moved on with isn’t me by your side. Ok well this is me and you left me ok well you’re loss as they all say to me so today going to start over and with or without you so today.

You Dont Know Her

Look at her she’s got everything she wants but what I see is beyond that I see, I see this young girl dying inside full with drugs, drinking death I see her the real her the one crying out for help cause no one knows, all they see is her illusion she has a daskise to her, to be someone she’s not, so why does no one see the truth of the real girl the one dying well she’s never going to know if I don’t save her from herself so I think I’ll make my move. 11/01/07

My Choice

I have a choice wither to be like everyone else or to be who iam I don’t know what is going to happen now I have a choice I always wanted one to be normal I don’t know iam so confused and I don’t want to just do this for what people think of me or should I just do this for me I don’t know don’t know I font know who I am everyone is calling my name but where do I turn to cause all I see is a fog in front of me. 2/08/06


I don’t want to be apart this life and why can’t I make thing better but when I do it become worse than I ever thought I just free the world every now and then so I can just scream out loud and tell you that I love you but I would never tell you that because I would that you wouldn’t feel that way about me so why am I a part of life one have no reason to be here I nothing and nothing to give. 11/07/05

Our Stories

Life is a story, we are each other others authors. We know not all of our life stories we only regret what we have experienced in or life not what is to come, cause that is what we do not know of the future to me is what’s ahead and to come in next chapters in our lives it’s the choices we make that features our destiny, and fills the pages to the next chapter in or lives the wrong decisions can change our dreams, destiny, and our chapter as well.

Forgive and Forget

Sometimes you just got to forgive and forget it’s the only way to move on and forgive and forget because nothing is what it seems. And if it’s nothing what it seems threw why between remembering it in time all will be forgotten. But till then its better if we just forgive and forget though who did wrong or and thoughts who are wrong.. too truly forgive but its times like these were we all just need to forgive and forget . Know in times like these we need to think of future if we don’t pick ourselves up now there might not be anything left to fix.


 What is war? Why do people go to war? War is just so people or a country can be defined as the most powerful, strongest and wise. That’s what wars. But to the eyes of people it’s a way out. Away to mean something to redeem themselves from the mistakes they made in the past they want to fight to fight the battles they want to they go cause there’s nothing left for them here cause they don’t care whether they live or die as long as it’s for a cause as long as there family friends know that they fought they can be remembered for something.


I feel like a yoyo people pulling me in every direction telling me one thing then another like yea go for it, oh wait you moved to fast, you need to stop okay whatever not saying anything never cause any damage rather than saying and be hated and disappointing people.

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